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Humanistic Section.

In a poetic mood we notice the wild plants, the animals, men and women involved in life's mysteries. We see the future.


The trainig of surgeons in America
    by Romeo Giuli

April 2001.     Humanistic section.

Out of a life-change a new life. Knowing that you live…for now…

Dedicated to Maria.

they told me it was evil
that would take me away from the noise of life
that a malignancy had invaded our pre-established order.
This year we won't vacation togheter
but I beg you to understand my silences.
A silence to find ourselves


Dedicato a Maria

hanno detto che era un male
che mi ha tolto dalle strade dei rumori
e un che di inverosimile ha svanito
i piani preordinati.
Quest'anno non faremo ferie amore
ma ti prego capisci i miei silenzi
è il nostro nuovo ritrovarci.


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